Naming, logo, message development, label design & production, sell sheet  After many years of operating a successful environmentally-positive home and small business cleaning service, the owner decided to share his company's secret formula spray cleaner. His customers were asking for their own supplies of the solution for cleaning between visits from Aaron's team. Made of organic essential oils, coconut-derived natural soap and filtered water, the all-purpose cleaner has become extremely popular because of its effectiveness, the wonderful fresh aroma it leaves, and the fact that it provides natural antibacterial cleaning without any dangerous or irritating residue or vapors

The project began with consultation on the name for the product and the logo design. After those steps were completed, we collaborated on finding a local source for an affordable, quality spray bottle while developing the message structure and the design of the labels. Once the labels were designed, we helped assess the appropriate approach for label printing, including the choice of vendor—given the quantity Aaron's would need for its scale of production and distribution. The final step was to help produce a simple sell sheet that Aaron could use and leave behind when making presentations to the buyers in local food-co-ops and other natural food and home care retailers.


Logo for Aaron's Green Essentials
Labeling for Aaron's Green Essentials
Sellsheet for Aaron's Green Essentials
A large banner for trade shows and conferences
Cleaning demo table and window stand