Simply put, our creative brief is design for a better world.  

For more than thirty-five years we have helped our nonprofit and co-op clients and colleagues make the world more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable by providing inspired identity, print, and web design services.

A statement about the future:

We encourage all to design for a more Peaceful, Just, and Equitable world. 

The values of Peace, Justice, Equity, and Solidarity are taken from the age-old principles of cooperatives. It would be wonderful if we could somehow transition our conversation into what kind of societal values we want to work towards, instead of being stuck in what we fear or prompts us to fight or flee. As we rebuild from the ashes of our previous ambivalence toward equity and privilege, we hope we are able to create multi-stakeholder enterprises like our co-ops, (Hub Bike Co-op, Seward Co-op) in which workers, consumers, investors, communities, and environment are all recognized as essential parts of the business, and, in general, part of a sustainable economic ecosystem that we need for a healthy community.

As we know--especially in this above average conscious city--we're all in this together, and we'll all do better when we all do better. Toward this end, figuring out how we move forward has certainly given me a renewed appreciation of Seward Co-op's end/mission statement of "Seward Co-op will sustain a healthy community with; equitable economic relationships; positive environmental impacts; and inclusive, responsible business practices."

Thank you for the work you do to move us all forward!

Dan Nordley


Chief Park Ranger
(612) 845-2446
Creative Director
(612) 220-8696
Graphic Designer
(612) 520-1025

Clients Past & Present

Triangle Park Creative has been privileged to work with a wide range of great clients all working toward making our world a better place.

A Chance to Grow
Aaron's Green Cleaning
ACE: Association of Cooperative Educators
ADC - African Development Center
Adler Graduate School
Adoption Minnesota
African American Leadership Forum
African Deli
AFSCME Minnesota Council 5
Alliance Housing
Arts Midwest
Atticus Law Cooperattive
Bailum Commons Cooperative
Bartell Scott
Barton Player Piano Company
Beacon Foundation
Bill Gessner
BookPeople of Moscow
Butler Family Foundation
Candace Campbell - CDC Association
Carney Group
CCCD: CA Center for Co-op Development
CDF - Children's Defense Fund - MN
CDS - Cooperative Development Services
CDS Consulting Co-op
Cedar Lake Park Association
CEED, University of MN
CEIM: Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota
CERTs - U of M Regional Sustainable Partnerships
CG- Cooperative Grocer
CGIN - Cooperative Grocers' Information Nework
CGSI - Czechoslovak Geneaological Society Intl'
Change, Inc.
Child Care Aware - MN CCR&R
CLIC: Cooperating Libraries in Consortium
Coastal Seafoods
Community Food Co-op
Cooperation Works
CPED - Mpls. Community Planning & Econ. Develop.
Craig Ellestad
CSAW: Coalition for a Sustainable Ag. Workforce
DADS Make a Difference
Darcie Williams
DECC: Denver Early Childhood Council
Diane Peterson
Dianne Lev
Don Olson
Eastside Food Co-op
Edgework Builders
Elm Grove Enterprises
Eureka Recycling
Flatbush Food Co-op
Flint Hills Resources
Friends of the Mississippi
FSM: Friends School of Minnesota
Gladwin Machinery & Supply Co
Grass Run Farm
Great Plains Institute
Grotto Foundation
Gryphon House
Haddad Consulting
Hanover Consumer Cooperative
HCAM: Health Care for All Minnesota
Headwaters Foundation
Hi-Lo Manufacturing
Historic Saint Paul
Hope Community
Hour Car - NEC
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Hunger Solutions
ICDC: Indiana Cooperative Development Center
Improve Group
INFRA - Independent Natural Food Retailers Assoc.
IOCP - Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners
Jambo! Kitchen
Jewish Community Action
Just Local Food
Kaplan Early Learning Co - Ostendorf
Karen Meyer
Kenneth Waters - U of Calgury
KFAI Radio
La Pacos - Fine Alpaca Meat
LEDC: Latino Economic Development Center
Lifetrack Resources
Linden Hills Co-op
LocalFolks Foods
Lorentz Meats
Lottsa Financial Services
Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State
MCCD - Metro. Consort. of Com. Developers
MCEE: MN Council of Economic Education
MCEF: MN Coopertive Education Foundatin
McEllistrem, Fargione, Landy
McKnight Foundation
MCPS: MN Center for Philosophy of Science
Meleck Davis Industries
MEMO: MN Educational Media Organization
Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network
Meritas Law Firm Worldwide
Metro IBA
Metro Meals on Wheels
Midwest Arts Fair
Midwest Food Connection
Midwest Kidney Network
Mill City Music
Minneapolis Foundation
Minnesota Music Cafe
Mississippi Market
MLC - Minnesota Literacy Council
MN Cooperative Education Foundation
MN International NGO
MNABE-Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
Moriguchi Design
MSFF: Minnesota State Fair Foundation
MYS - Minnesota Youth Symphonies
NAF: Nonprofit Assistance Fund
Nawayee Center School
NCBA - Natl. Co-op Business Assoc.
NCDF - Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund
NCF: Northcountry Cooperative Foundation
NCGA - IC Office
NDC: Neighborhood Development Center
NEC: Neighborhood Energy Connection
NEMAA: Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association
New Boundary Technologies
NHCN - Neighborhood Health Care Network
Northern Sun
Ohio Employee Ownership Center
OYH - Open Your Heart to the H
Partners Book Distributing, Inc.
PastureLand Cooperative
Pat Cumbie
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
PIE - Phillips Indian Educators
PPL: Project for Pride in Living
Prepare & Prosper = Accountability
Pro Media Inc
Property Focus
Rego Electric Conversions
Renal Network of the Upper Midwest
Rise, Inc.
River Market Co-op
Riverbend Market Cooperative
Riverton Community Housing
Saint Paul Audubon Society
Samatar for School Board
SCI - Food-Trak
Search Institute
Settanni + Company
Seward Co-op
Seward Redesign
Shared Capital - NCDF
Shepherd Song Farm, LLC
Simon Boyce
Simple, Good, and Tasty
Smith Partners
SPPSSF: St. Paul Public Schools Foundation
St. Stephen's Human Services
St. Therese Home, Inc.
Tanya Gladney, PH.D.
Tasks Unlimited
TCMA - Twin Cities Media Alliance
Terraluna Collabortive
Textile Center
The Data Bank
The Loft Literary Center
Think Stucco
Three Rivers Community Action
ThreeSixty Jounalism
Todd Melby
Tooth by the Lake
Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation/
University of Calgary
University of St. Thomas
Vail Place
Vocal Essence
Voices for Racial Justice - OAP
Walk-In Counseling Center
Watchdog Financial Advisors
WEI: Women's Environmental Institute
West Side Community Health Services
Wilder Foundation -- Eldercare Partners
Your Enchanted Florist
YTCI - Youth Traveli