Chief Park Ranger
(612) 845-2446

After a short stint at Macalester College, Dan spent his twenties trucking groceries around to the new wave food co-ops in Minnesota and raising a daughter. In 1986, he got one of those early Macintoshes and started a desktop-publishing business in his basement. He called it MicroHorizons Graphics after the small basement window he had out to the world. But the work was fun and rewarding as his network of co-op and nonprofit buds were doing good for the world—and so by extension was he. And it is there where he started publishing the Seward Profile, the first of six neighborhood newspapers he and associates would do over the next 17 years.

Eventually, several very talented people took notice and joined him in his quest to design for a better world. In 1996 the business moved to offices with a lovely view of a park at the heart of the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. 

Dan thinks he’s a pretty lucky guy. “I learned early that it’s really about doing work that lets you feel good about the work you are doing. Our group gets a kick out of helping our clients make the world a better place. There's so much to do. We like being their co-conspirators.”

Today, Dan manages Triangle Park’s various networks, drums up new business, pays the bills, and all the other things a Chief Park Ranger would do.

Dan loves cooperatives, spending 15 years on the Seward Co-op's board of director and helped start and supports CoMinnesota. In 2009, Dan received the Cooperative Development Foundation’s Howard Bowers Award for Cooperative Service.