Print Design

We approach design as an interactive process that draws upon our decades of experience and your perspective on your organization’s and your audience's needs and goals. We’re committed to a collaborative process in which your ideas and your organization are clearly represented in the communications we develop together. As with identity projects, we always begin with questions to make sure we’re not starting with assumptions or ideas that might unnecessarily keep us from the smartest, most memorable, most authentic way of reaching out and inviting a response.

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We design, lay out and print a wide range of publications, from monthly or bimonthly magazines and newsletters to annual reports and books. We delight in designing a publication’s initial look, but we’re equally happy to work with an existing design, doing our best to help make it sing.

Packaging and Labeling

As with all our graphic design, we focus on creating a package or label that is a clear, strong extension of the brand identity and voice. Just as important is working to make the most of the 1 second a label or package has to “register” in the eyes of passing shoppers. The third key consideration is structuring the critical packaging messages to enhance the ease of the shopper’s search for information while ensuring that the package/label conforms with relevant regulatory requirements. The fourth consideration is determining, based on the quantities of labels or packages needed, the appropriate printing and package-making technologies.


Sign design and signing systems

We have extensive experience, from simple temporary interior and exterior signs and banners, to helping plan, develop and oversee the installation of designed environments and sign systems for entire buildings.

Printing and Production Management
For clients who aren’t experienced working with printers, we regularly provide print management services. This generally includes project planning, securing accurate estimates (including relevant options), reviewing proofs and overseeing press checks when needed.  Certain types of smaller quantity printing projects perfectly fit our in-house digital printing services.