New identity, website design and development  Adler Graduate School’s program is based on the principles and philosophy of Alfred Adler who developed the first holistic theory of personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy.

The first phase of our work with Adler was to develop a new graphic identity. We agreed that Adler's name was well recognized and that a typographic treatment of the name could be the most clear and impactful. An all-lowercase treament turned out to be the most recognizable, interesting and warm—in the human sense—of the options we considered. A full stationery program, including a branded student notebook—was included. Their website had to fulfill the needs of diverse audiences: prospective students, enrolled students, faculty, staff and alumni. The new site has several special features including portals to online classes (Moodle), six password protected areas (Sonisweb), and a complete directory of course descriptions and syllabi.


Logo for Adler Graduate School
Images of stationery for Adler Graduate School