We were asked by a co-op consultancy (CDS Consulting Co-op) to collaborate as Flatbush prepared to launch its new patronage refund membership model. We started by helping them gather and assess, from the wide array offered by individual co-ops across the US, which benefits they would offer their members/owners. Then we helped them describe those benefits in both new member documents and a general member-owner brochure. Since they did not have photos they wanted to use, nor an interest in collecting new ones, we created graphic icons and artwork that set the desired tone for the new literature.

Though they did not want to change their logo they were interested in freshening up their brand identity. We made some typogaphic adjustments to the logo for the sake of clarity, identified contemporary fonts that would complement the logo design, and made selective additions to their color palette. We also, collaborated on a wholesale redesign of their in-store signage, consulted on the redesign of the store's facade, and designed a logo for their Community Partnerships program.


Flatbush Food Co-op member benefits brochure
Flatbush Food Co-op Co-op Basics program signage
Flatbush Food Co-op produce pricing signs
Flatbush Food Co-op in-store signs
Flatbush Food Co-op