Positioning statement, new identity, graphic guidelines, stationery, shelf signs, newsletter, brand icons, graphic art and store signing  Perhaps our most comprehensive branding project to date, our collaboration with Mississippi Market, spanned 8 years until they reached the point where it made sense for them to hire a staff graphic designer while the building of their third store was underway. We started with the identity, which included developing a positioning statement that differentiates their co-op natural foods market in a thriving natural foods marketplace. Among a widely varied set of design options, the lowercase “m” with the bite out of it was met immediately with an audible “yeah, that one” from a majority when presented to the team.

The project also included writing and laying out of a thorough graphic standards manual, stationery, and design of templates for produce and shelf signs. Over the years, we designed their bi-monthly newsletter, developed logos for specific initiatives, and created their “Grow. Cook. Enjoy” brand icons. We were retained to develop an in-store signing program that spanned nearly three years to completion in Spring 2016 and playfully combines wayfinding (department location and info) with telling their values story.


Logo design for Mississippi Market
Stationery design for Mississippi Market
Newsletter designs for Mississippi Market
Branding icon designs for Mississippi Market
Initiative icon designs for Mississippi Market
Graphic art for Mississippi Market
Entrance sign design for Mississippi Market
Cheese region sign design for Mississippi Market
Meat sign design for Mississippi Market
Bakery sign design for Mississippi Market
Delicious sign design for Mississippi Market