Donations provide essential financial support to most of our clients' organizations. Here are seven key tips for optimizing the stream of donations that come through your website.

  • Showcase your donate button.  It should draw your attention by it’s color, shape, size and position on the page.  Use a strong call to action, evocative imagery and text that explain the reasons to give. 
  • Make donating easy.  Remove all distractions from your Donations page to put the focus on completing the donation.  Make sure the process is streamlined and does not require the user to fill out a long form. Test your online donation process with typical users to make sure the donation process is clear and easy.
  • Show that donations do good.  Reassure potential donors that donated funds are used for good.  Provide visuals that show how much has been raised, the number of donors participating, the percent of funds raised that go towards your mission, or how the funds directly benefit your cause.
  • Suggest giving levels.  Research shows that suggesting donation amounts increases the average online gift size.  Provide a few pre-selected levels and then have an option for “other” where users can choose their own amount.
  • Provide secure transactions.  Have you taken precautions to ensure that financial transactions are secure?  Provide proof in the form of a VeriSign or SiteLock Secure logo.
  • Make it mobile-friendly.  More than 55% of online traffic comes from mobile devices in all audiences from millennials to baby-boomers.  Make sure your donation form is optimized for use on mobile devices.
  • Stay in touch.  Provide a quick and easy way for donors to opt-in to your email list.  Regular communication is the best way to turn an initial donation into ongoing support.


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