At Triangle Park, we are committed to a collaborative process in which your organization is clearly represented in your product. Over the years, we’ve found that the most successful projects are based in a good professional relationship, and a specific set of factors guarantees that type of relationship.

A few things to keep in mind when considering a print project:

Plan ahead—You are the expert on your organization, and the more specifics you give us about the project’s needs and goals, the more focused and better equipped we’ll be to meet your design needs. Planning ahead also means being aware that major changes to your project may cause us to rearrange or redesign your project and can delay its completion. This not only weakens the original concept, but it can also add time and expense.

Who is your audience?—Design is all about communication. So before we begin discussing what you want in a design piece, it’s worthwhile to ask yourself whom you are trying to reach. A good designer will design the piece with your audience in mind rather than just what he or she likes at that moment. The more you can tell us about your audience, the better we will be able to reach them.

New ideas are good—Sometimes clients like a look of a website or annual report and want us to replicate that look for their project. While we are open to incorporating other design elements, we want the final product to truly reflect your organization and its audience. Designers love to come up with new ways of approaching projects, so your organization’s design pieces are kept fresh and unique.

Too many cooks in the kitchen—Designing by committee can be dangerous. Feedback is always welcome, but when too many people offer opinions, it’s difficult to please everyone and the project often becomes watered down as a result. We prefer to have one person make the final decision, with a few key people providing feedback along the way. Your satisfaction with the final piece will be much greater, as will ours.

A constructive relationship—Good designers should also feel free to give feedback to you, as well, drawing upon their training and experience to better achieve the goals of the design piece. As in any communication, we prefer to give and receive comments constructively, without the assumption that feedback is an insult. Most of all, we want to make sure you like the work we do. Developing a healthy dialogue is often what produces the most creative pieces.

Trust us to design—We welcome your direction. After all, being prepared, having content, and knowing your audience is invaluable to us in our creative process. However, telling designers exactly how something should be laid out, instead of telling them what you want the piece to say, can be limiting and can inhibit creativity. By asking for a meaning or a message, there is enough room for us to create a great solution. Micromanaging makes for a stilted result and a less-than-joyful professional relationship.

Have a Great Time

The creative process lends itself to interesting concepts, new ways of thinking and fresh results. We have a team of talented and experienced designers who will work with you during the entire project, which means you’ll be able to see the piece flourish from start to finish.

At Triangle Park Creative, we like to think of ourselves as design activists—we hope our pieces keep you and your organization right in the action, being noticed, and having impact.