How to Work with a Designer

At Triangle Park, we are committed to a collaborative process in which your organization is clearly represented in your product. Over the years, we’ve found that the most successful projects are based in a good professional relationship, and a specific set of factors guarantees that type of relationship. This tip discusses good ways to interact with a designer to help get the most out of your investment. 

Color in Design: A Primer

If you had the same high school science class I did, you learned that light waves are not actually colored—the objects we see appear to our brains to be the color that they reflect, and not the color they absorb. So a green plant absorbs all of the red and blue light waves, and reflects all of the green light. (I always found that hard to keep straight because it is so “inside out” from how it seems intuitively.) But knowing that visible light is made up of red, green and blue (RGB) is an important base to understanding color in general.

Paper: Beyond the Surface

When it’s time to pick a type of paper for your printed job, there are a lot of terms you might hear as you make your decision. From the obvious ( color ) to the obscure ( opacity ) or confusing ( weight ), there’s more to paper than you can see on the surface.

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